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7416 Edgewood Road
Annapolis, MD 21403
Phone: 410-269-1218

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Kato Marine is located in Annapolis, Maryland – a beautiful town located on the Chesapeake Bay. Although some refer to it as ‘the sailing capitol of the U.S.’, we simply call it home.

We opened our doors in 1988, specializing in finely finished, high quality stainless and aluminum custom fabrications for the marine world. Due to repeated demand, this had led to the design and engineering of the products you have seen throughout this website.

Drawing from our custom fabricating expertise, each production product is designed with the flexibility to be ‘customized’ in-house to fit each vessel like a glove.

Here at Kato Marine, we pride ourselves on the relationship that we develop with our customers. We feel that a quality product can only be achieved through excellent communication and customer service. Therefore, we strive daily to maintain and improve that relationship.

Kato Marine’s custom division continues strongly to this day and we are happy to discuss any project, be it large or small. Our experience includes work in the architectural, residential, industrial and marine fields.

We also have a Flow water-jet cutter with a dynamic head. This continues our commitment to quality control, as well as efficiency. Obviously, we are very excited about this addition to the family and we now offer cutting services for parts up to six feet by twelve feet.

The next time you are cruising through Annapolis, please feel welcome to stop in and let us show you where we proudly manufacture all of our products.


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