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Combination pole


The best of both worlds!

This is a pole we made on a custom basis for a number of years. Then the rate of queries increased as more people want not only a radar but a wind generator to offset the extra power usage. Currently here is also more demand for Starlink antennas as in the photo opposite

Made with the usual good looks and high standards of all the stainless steel 'Pole Solution' poles, our combination pole is available in multiple configurations:

Radar & Satellite TV dome (seen here).

Radar & Satellite communication dome.

Radar and Wind generator.

The lower mount can be used for satellite domes, but only if a slight degradation is acceptable - where the pole and any other antenna might interfere with reception.

The Radar can only be up to a 20" (508mm) dome, the pole won't handle a larger radar.  You must notify us of the radar model.

If the top is to be a wind generator we will need the model.  If it is an antenna we will also need information about the dome.

Price: Add $710.00 to the pole of choice.

Combinaton pole photo
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