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Radar pole on Tartan 4200

Radar, wind generator, & small antenna poles

Kato Marine offers five choices:

1) Fixed top radar or satellite antenna pole; 2)Pivoting top radar pole; 3) Wind generator pole; 4) Combination radar/generator (or radar/satellite antenna) pole; 5) Smaller, miscellaneous antenna pole

These unique features are shared by both the radar pole and the wind generator pole:

  • The Pole-Solution is constructed from a beefy 3” diameter stainless steel lower section and a 2 ½” diameter stainless steel. Wind generator models have a further section made from anodized aluminum and sized to fit the generator. The sections are mated with black Delrin sleeve assemblies to ensure smooth operation and longevity.  
  • Due to the strength obtained from the large diameter of the lower section, the support struts are only as high as the top of the lower section, making the installation extremely sturdy, yet keeping it compact and unobtrusive.
  • The flexibility designed into the base and strut arrangement allow for mounting to almost any surface, including reverse (traditional) transoms.
  • Because the sections are interconnected, the entire package can be disassembled and is shipped via UPS Parcel Service.
  • The pole is available configured for radars, wind generators or both. The radars can be fixed (level) or manually pivoted with our really neat quick pivot system. We can even supply a pole with a fixed radar mount (2KW only), outboard lifting arm, and a wind generator on top!
  • Several add-ons are available – up to three antennas, stern light, outboard lifting arms and a floodlight.

The smaller antenna pole holds up to five lightweight antennas, eg. GPS, AIS, TV, etc.

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