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Powerboat Davits - Standpipe model

Island davits A stand pipe davit is a single lifting arm designed to lift a dinghy up into a hardtop, cabin top or foredeck

This davit is using a manual winch, but most users tend to buy RV trailer winches and use a small canvas cover over them to prevent rust. Clearly seen here is the standpipe itself - it passes through the cabin top and is seated in a socket  on the aft deck surface. With a very light dinghy this owner has chosen a manual winch

A standpipe davit actually consists of two main parts - (1) the davit itself, and (2), the standpipe. The davit uses the standpipe for support, and is mounted with Delrin bearings that slide down into the standpipe. The standpipe is usually mounted through a hard top, a cabin top, or sometimes through the foredeck. When passing through the cabin it is usually hidden within a locker, or behind a curtain etc.

The standpipe davit is constructed of 6061T6 aluminum with an Awlgrip finish. Standard colors offered are either Off-White or Cream. We have found that in most cases this suits the color scheme of the majority of boats. Other Awlgrip colors are available at an additional charge.

The thru-deck pipe is provided 72" long and will be cut to length. Each unit is equipped with a mounting pad for a winch, deck collar, base plate, backing plate, wire sheave arrangement and Delrin bearing rings. Not included are a winch and cable.

The davit stands 72" above the deck, and has a reach of 72". Its safe lifting load is 400 pounds. The cost of the complete assembly is $3600.00. Packaging for shipment is $385.00. Freight cost varies.


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