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fixed top mounted on transom scoop


Radar or satellite antenna pole

What makes the 'Pole-Solution' different from others?

This is a Stainless Steel pole assembly that meets the demand for high quality, stability, and versatility.  As with all our products, it is our goal that once the unit is properly installed, it is not only extremely functional, but appears as if it was custom made for your boat.

These unique features are shared by both the radar pole and the wind generator pole:

  • For radars or other antennas the pole is made in two sections.  The lower section is a beefy 3” diameter stainless steel tube and the supports struts are attached immediately above this piece.  The top section is 2-1/2” in diameter and is mated to the lower section with Delrin sleeves.
  • Due to the strength obtained from the large diameter of the lower section, the support struts are kept fairly low; a typical deck mounted pole uses a 56” or 62” lower section (see the measuring information menu above).  Transom mounted poles add length depending on how far down the transom they are attached.
  • The flexibility to mount in all sorts of places on your boat.
  • Because the pole is built in sections, we can package and ship the pole easily via UPS Parcel service.


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Beneteau 381: With a longer lower section this 'Pole Solution' is mounted down on the transom scoop. The support struts are mounted to the seat coaming.

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Tayana 48: Mounted on the transom, with struts to the toe rail, this pole has a pivoting top, three antenna mounts, a floodlight (customer mounted), and an outboard arm (mounting blocks yet to be positioned).

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