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Outboard Lifts - Katolift 230 Model




STOP breaking your back with those heavy loads

Use the KATOLIFT 230!

BEAUTY & FUNCTION - Make the task of hauling your outboard, diving equipment, sail bags, batteries, and endless other items much easier on the back with the KatoLift 230. Kato's attention to detail promises you a product that is as beautiful as it is rugged.

DESIGN & VERSATILITY - The swiveling base with its universal ball joint allows for a custom fit to almost any deck, also allowing the lift to swing a full 360. The 63" height allows clearance when swinging most items over the rail. The securing rail mount can be used on rails up to 30" high.

LIGHTWEIGHT, YET STRONG -The KatoLift 230 weights only 10 pounds, but has a safe lifting load of 230 pounds. In the event that a stern rail is not capable of handling this load, Kato Marine offers a variety of rail reinforcement options.

EASE OF INSTALLATION - Once the ideal location has been determined, you simply attach the rail mount by tightening the 4 bolts. Then slide the lift through the mount and screw it to its base. Align the lift vertically, mark the base holes, drill, bed the base and bolt through. It's that easy!

LOT'S OF INSTALLATION OPTIONS - We offer the KatoLift 230 in taller versions for those installations where the lift has to reach down the transom to the base, and we have a variety of bases as well as two offsets for the rail attachment (long and short), plus we have custom offset rail attachments and a huge variety of other bases available (see the davit bases here). Full size templates can be printed by clicking on this link.

KatoLift 230 Specifications:

Height 63" (1600 mm) Safe lifting load 230 lbs. (104 kgs)
Reach 21" (533 mm) Railing tube sizes 1" - 1" (25 - 32 mm)
Weight 10 lbs. (4.5 kgs) Rail heights up to 30" (762 mm)

  • Price: $930.00 - (Including 3:1 tackle)
  • Upgrade to 4:1 tackle - $56.00 (40mm), $114.00 (57mm)
  • First Mate rail cam cleat assembly (Click for Photo) -$88.00 (7/8"-1" rails), $108.00 (1-1/8" - 1-1/4" rails)
  • Shipping and packaging - $115.00
    For complete price list, press: Press for printable price list
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