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Pivoting antenna top mount


Pole Solution - Details & Accessories

Manual pivoting radar top

Add antennas, lights, lifts

This simple, yet elegant design, ensures ease of operation and requires no maintenance. There are five positions for adjustment.

Up to three antenna arms can be added at any time to either the fixed or the pivoting top.

Left - Attaching immediately above the lower (3") tube, two ring clamps allow the struts to orient in any direction.

Because the struts attach relatively low down on the pole they do not require a large spread at the deck.

Right - The lower end of the strut is terminated in a welded eye end. The eye is attached to a heavy duty deck hinge with Neoprene washers to stop any movement or rattle.

A tube clamp is optional - we generally discourage attaching to stern rails as any movement in them can be magnified higher.



Left - The pole has a domed end with a large wiring hole above the 1/2" diameter bolt. The base is 3-5/8" (89mm) diameter with four 5/16" c/s holes. A transom base has slightly longer tangs to mount on a sloped surface.

Right - Extended transom bases are available with longer tangs to suit the undercut type of transom.

Custom bases are also available.

The outboard lifting arm is available in 15", 20", or 25" lengths. Easily removable, it can be stowed when not in use.

This rail clamp is popular when only one person is available to hoist the outboard. While that person is in the dinghy hooking up the outboard, he or she can start pulling the outboard up with the line led through the cleat; then leaving it securely cleated, climb up on to the deck and finish stowing the outboard. The cleat mounts to the inside of the rail.

Pole light mounting plate

The light mounting plate clamps to the 2-1/2" section of the pole. It is available in a variety of configurations depending on the light to be used.

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