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Sailboat Davits - Optional Add-Ons    

Light mounted on SS 100 stabilizer

Stern light mounted on a SS100 model stabilizer
Satellite antenna mounts:

These days we are seeing more and more satellite comunication systems on sail boats.  The newest is the Starlink and similar. The antennas are reasonably light (as are their precursors -the KVH M1 and the Intellian i1/i2), and what better place to put them than the stabilizer on the davits!  This mounting place has a great view of the sky, and the weight is minimal.  We have mounts for both the Slip-On stabilizer and the SS100 stabilizer.

Intellian on a Slip-On stabilizer

KVH M1 on a SS100 stabilizer

 For heavier Starlink and KVH M3, use only on the SS100

Price $470.00


Solar Panel mounts:

Solar panels can be mounted above the davits provided you accept that the davits will no longer be regularly folded in.  This solar panel mounting system is our tilting mount for the SS100 stabilizer. It raises the panels 12-1/2" above the davits, allowing easy passage down the transom without hitting your head, and avoids the typical Bimini shadow.



This view is the underneath of the solar panel mounting system for davit with the Slip-On stabilizer.  This system does not attach to the stabilizer, it attaches to the davits themselves.  It is slightly higher than the SS100 version, at 14-1/2". (*Shown with optional athwartship braces)


Solar Panels on Hunter 35.5


Solar Panels on Saga 43


Flag staff sockets:

In many situations the ships flag staff will no longer fit into its socket when the dinghy is raised, for this reason we provide alternative flag sockets.

The Slip-On stabilizer utilizes twin clamps to ensure no movement as the flag vibrates. The SS100 stabilizer flag socket bolts in place. Both units are fabricated from highly polished stainless steel and available in 3/4', 1”, and 1-1/4” ID sockets.

Flag socket on Slip-On stabilizer

SS 100 flag socket

6:1 lift tackle:

Kato’s davits come standard with 4:1 lifting tackle that uses 3/8” diameter Dacron braid and Harken blocks. With today’s heavier RIB inflatables it is usual to upgrade to the 6:1 purchase on at least one of the davits. Bear in mind that one davit normally does most of the work – sometimes as much as 80% of the weight is on one davit. We also have larger sheave systems (57mm) which tend to reduce friction and makes hoisting even easier. Of course the ultimate in ease is the winch davit (see menu above).

Cam Cleats:

These Harken® cleats are mounted on the outside of the davits, and allow one person to pull both lines at once. This idea courtesy of Bob Hauser (Island Packet 38) - thank you, Bob.

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