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Pole Mounted Outboard Lifts

- Lifting arm -


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This outboard arm was developed for our 'Pole Solution' stainless steel radar/wind generator pole. It has been so well received that we now produce clamps to fit most other poles.

Instead of showing the lifting arm just holding up an outboard - this silly company executive wanted to show that even though it hasn't been rated for a maximum load, the arm should suffice for most operations - however since then the arm has been tested and it is now rated at 130 pounds safe working load.

Easily removable, the arm is available in three different lengths - 15", 20", or 25" (381mm, 508mm, or 635mm).

The clamps are available for most pole diameters.

$427.00 each (including clamps, except 3-1/2" poles - add $52.00)

Standard clamps:
2"/51mm; used for 2" O/D tube, or for 1-1/2" schedule pipe (1-7/8"/48mm - with neoprene spacer)

2-1/2"/63mm; used for 2-1/2" O/D tube, or for 2" schedule pipe (2-3/8"/60mm - with neoprene spacer)



This 'First Mate' rail mounted cam cleat is popular when only one person is available to hoist the dinghy. While that person is in the dinghy hooking up the outboard, he or she can start pulling the outboard up with the line led through the cleat; then leaving it securely cleated, climb up on to the deck and finish stowing the outboard. The cleat mounts to the inside of the rail.

$88.00 each (7/8" - 1" rails), $108.00 each (1-1/8" - 1-1/4" rails)

Lifting Tackle

  • 3:1 purchase using 3/8"/9.4mm dacron braid - 40ft./12.2m long $228.00
  • 4:1 purchase using 3/8"/9.4mm dacron braid - 55ft./16.8m long $273.00
  • Shipping and Packaging - call

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